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Bonjourexperience offers a full range of French translation services. Utilising a truly global network of translators, we can offer French translation services across the globe in a wide variety of industries. We choose only translators who are native speakers of French, and who have years of experience in their chosen field. With this priceless knowledge, our French translators can offer fluent, clear products conscious of technically specific terminology and cultural idioms.


Some of our expert French translation service fields:


  • Legal Translation
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation
  • Engineering Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Business Translation
  • Environment and Global Issues Translation


If you cannot find your desired service, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


What makes my services different:


Accuracy and specialisation: As a localization professional, I am familiar with the terminology and writing style typically used in the industry. Your customers won’t get confused because of approximate or ambiguous translations – thus no need to spend hours writing support e-mails because the translated instructions weren’t clear enough.


Quality: Studies show that grammar and spelling mistakes can turn prospects away and give a poor image of your company, which can have long-lasting negative effects. I always proofread my texts and analyze them with advanced quality assurance tools to ensure they are free of mistakes/inconsistencies. You will give your prospects a professional impression, leading to improved sales.


Punctuality: Timing can be crucial when it comes to the release of software or hardware products. This is why I always deliver promptly and answer support requests in a timely manner. No headaches, and no delays.




The advantages of working with a freelance translator


Lower costs: With no middlemen and other fees typical of agencies (overhead, administration…), independent translators can offer more competitive prices


Quality and consistency: When you hire an agency, you can never be sure of who will take care of your French translation. If you work directly with a translator, though, you know who you are talking to, our projects are handled by a professional of the industry. And with a single provider, you eliminate the risks of inconsistencies, which can confuse your clients (=higher support costs).


Quick and smooth communication: If you are in need for a quick answer regarding the localized texts, you can talk directly to the linguist who has been working on the files. It also facilitates communication when it comes to specific needs or requests you may have for the translation, resulting in better quality.



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Private French Courses Program

via Skype or 1 on 1

or group sessions





Conversation in real-life situations: master dialogues and gain confidence speaking French!



  • Shopping at a boulangerie
  • Daily conversations: at breakfast
  • Ordering at a restaurant
  • Buying medicine at a drugstore
  • Buying a ticket and taking the bus/metro
  • Asking for directions on the street
  • Making an appointment with a dentist by phone
  • Make an appointment for the weekend with a friend


Discussion of an article: We send you an article by email. You read the article and then have a discussion on the content with the French teacher.

Grammar & oral practice: Get an in-depth understanding of grammar and practice. Speak using your grammar knowledge in real conversations. You can choose a specific grammar form to practice. For example, Past tense, future tense, conditional for polite form or conditional for hypotheses, the subjunctive, etc.)

Writing expression: you read the article we send you in advance and then write your opinion (max. 250 words). Your teacher receives your text by email, will check it and send you the correction by email.

Specialised French: your teacher helps you to learn specific expressions and vocabulary in French if you need them for your profession and specialization.


Our method: Our goal is to coach our students to become more confident speaking French.

We emphasise on online conversation. Supplementary material intended to optimise a student's involvement in a lesson will be available to the student upon registering a course.Grammar, vocabulary and communicative skills will be practiced through conversation making use of a multitude of strategies and activities.

The student has the lead role, as the lessons are designed for him or her to participate actively.



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Even if you speak some French, or your French client or contact speaks some English, you might want to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings or “grey areas” and make your meeting as fruitful and effective as possible by employing the services of a bilingual interpreter.


Training courses

French speaking delegates will get the full benefit of a training course through the services of an interpreter, and have a much better chance of passing assessments and obtaining the qualification they came for. The presence of an interpreter will also make life easier for the trainer who can then concentrate on delivering the course content.


Trade fairs

Having an interpreter at an international trade fair will help you communicate with the organizers, increase your contacts and leads and therefore maximize your investment in your stand.



I will be delighted to accompany a French speaking group coming for a business and/or sightseeing trip to the UK, and to Scotland in particular. Likewise, if you are taking a delegation or a group to France and would like an interpreter to help the trip go smoothly and make sure that the participants get the full benefit of what they see and hear, contact me.


Telephone interpreting

If you would like to contact a French speaker with the comfort of having an interpreter on the line at the same time, I can arrange a three-way-call.


What Our Clients Are Saying


"I appreciate the Translator going to the extra effort of working out the location names. These details are very important to our work, so it was very helpful."


Communications Officer



"It was great dealing with Frederick; he was creative and flexible, but also professional and reliable."


Language consultant



"Frederick always communicated his passion when he took us through the French Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level French classes. I loved the way he presented each grammatical principle in simple terms."


Legal Analyst



"Frederick is an enthusiastic and well organised teacher. He tailors each lesson to suit my needs and ability. He's patient and encouraging and my language skills and my confidence have grown but most of all the lessons are fun!"


Civil Engineer



"Frederick is friendly and professional. He made us feel at ease from our first lesson. He inspires confidence by encouraging us when we make mistakes and is receptive to feedback. The lessons are well paced and fun. We look forward to our lessons."

Michelle & Craig

BonjourExperience Students


Business French language

training classes





Bonjourexperience provides first-class French tuition to individuals and businesses in the United Kingdom. We have an established network of professional, native speaker French trainers who are highly skilled in delivering French lessons for general and specific industry needs. We will work with you to deliver the very best French course for your needs, based on your lesson objectives, desired aims, time available, learning style, level and budget.


Why Choose Bonjourexperience Language Training Programme?


✅ You will learn to communicate confidently with French-speaking colleagues and clients

✅ You will earn respect and trust, and strengthen relationships with existing and potential clients

✅ You will gain a deeper understanding of the culture and work etiquette of your target market

✅ You will boast a distinct competitive edge when reaching out to international market

✅ You will learn technical vocabulary and industry-specific lexis unique to your sector


Course Options


✅ Language training format: Face-to-face weekly or intensive courses, and/or via Skype

✅ Course content: General French, business French, technical French or industry-specific French

✅ Location: Classes take place in your office or your home

✅ Timetable: You choose when and how often you want your classes to take place

✅ Course monitoring: We continually assess your course to ensure you are gaining optimum results

✅ Speak to one of our account managers for a free consultation and needs analysis


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